Vinson is developed for touch screen devices and the major television boxes.

  • iOS devices running iOS 8 or 9
  • Android mid-range and high-end devices running OS 4.2 and higher
  • The new Apple TV running tvOS
  • Android TV
Vinson supported devices

Superb interface

Vinson offers a most user-friendly interface which is both intuitive and playful. We started the design from scratch for each platform, to fully use each characteristics and enable the best-in-class experience on each device.

For example the unique thumb controller; a great designed and complete menu to directly change TV channels and access all features.

Vinson thumbcontroller Vinson thumbcontroller

Get social and share TV

The deep social media integration of Vinson makes watching TV more personal than ever. See what TV moments your friends have ‘liked’ to watch them instantly. Track related tweets and to join the discussion easily while watching. Share your favorite TV moments through Facebook and Twitter or send them directly to friends via iMessage, SMS and mail.

Full blown TV guide

Vinson provides a full featured TV guide. Easily browse through the program listings or search the complete channel overview with different smart filters in order to quickly locate your favorite TV program. Each program can contain a more detailed description and the option to set an alert.

Open up your VOD

Vinson includes a well organised and appealing video on demand (VOD) catalog for different types of content, such as music videos, trailers or news items.
The VOD items in the catalog can be presented in three different formats: spotlight, series and coverflow.

Interactive Live TV

Start the application and high quality linear live TV plays right away. One single tap, and the visual timeline appears with controls that enable you to customize your viewing experience.

Vinson live tv Vinson live tv

Never miss a moment

Vinson share

Vinson's time shifting enables you to pause, resume and start a program at any time you want! No need to record, schedule or even think about it until the moment you actually want to watch TV. Just choose your program from the TV guide and navigate (scrub) to any TV moment in the program.

Branding & customization possibilities

Vinson transforms easily to fit your brand. A handy branding guide, shows you how to customize your Vinson app; it includes App name, splashscreens, color schemes, and more.

Claim any screen

Want to share a TV moment on another screen? Vinson supports both Airplay and Google Cast technology. Just connect the app to the Apple TV or Chromecast dongle, select the icon and the app streams your content directly to your home TV, or any other connected screen.

Vinson supports all iOS devices running iOS 8 or 9 and Android OS 4.2 and more recent mid- and high range devices. At your request we can deliver a matrix with specifications of supported Android device groups.

General features

  • Available for iOS 8 or 9;
  • Available for Android OS 4.2 and higher;
  • Available for the new Apple TV running tvOS;
  • Available for Android TV;
  • Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming;
  • Introduction screens including; authentication, acceptance of terms & conditions and purchasing of subscriptions (when applicable);
  • Google Cast / Airplay support including mirroring, HDMI and overscan features;
  • Sleeptimer functionality via settings;
  • Privacy settings;
  • Help and how-to tutorials to quickly learn the navigation abilities of the app;
  • A unique ‘nice to play with’ thumb controller to quickly access most features;
  • Custom background themes;

TV guide features

  • Download programs for offline viewing;
  • Subscribe to particular series in order to download them automatically;
  • Schedule and manage your offline programs;
  • Timeshift (nDVR) possibilities in video player and TV guide (default: 24 hour window);
  • TV guide with search and filters (day, week, genre) to quickly find your programs;
  • Set reminders in the TV guide for your favorite programs;

Video player features

  • ‘Like’ a specific TV moment, automatically shares your ‘spot’ with your Facebook friends within the Vinson app;
  • ‘Share’ a specific TV moment on Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, email or directly (via push message) with specific Facebook friends of your choice;
  • Read & write Twitter messages while watching TV;
  • Twitter statics; displaying Twitter activity popularity by measuring the amount of Tweets of the related Twitter hashtag;
  • Support for linking to second screen web interfaces while watching TV (pop-up);
  • Via menu (thumb controller);
  • See what your friends are watching and join then by ‘syncing’ with their TV moment;
  • Accurate and quick scene selection by thumbnail frame;
  • Sharing your pick of screenshots of a TV moment via Facebook, Twitter or email with your friends;

Video on-demand features

  • A rich video on-demand (VOD) catalog section, supporting special interfaces per content type like; movies, trailers, series, music, promotional and many other content types;
  • Search in VOD catalog;
  • Spotlight section for displaying highlighted content;
Vinson appicon

Experience it yourself

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Play around with Vinson’s features and interface to get an idea of your own app!