For whom is Vinson?

Vinson is designed for all kinds of broadcasters, distributors, content aggregators and content owners that are looking to bring a mobile TV solution to market.

What is Vinson?

Vinson is the next generation mobile TV company that spun-out of the Dutch company Triple IT. A dedicated team of mobile TV professionals was bored with normal TV and video consumption and started on the development of Vinson, a product that they would use themselves. Now Vinson offers a state-of-the-art white-label mobile OTT solution to broadcasters, content aggregators and content distributors that combines live, on demand and social possibilities. Vinson launched in February 2013 and is currently selling their solution across the world.

Can I watch TV with Vinson?

We have a showcase application for iOs and Android device available in their respective stores. This showcase apps are intended for broadcasters, distributors and content owners. We don't offer TV content ourselves. If you want to experience Vinson in your country please contact your TV provider and suggest them to work with us.

I am interested to make a mobile TV client and want to test it out. What is the process?

Please go to the Get started page. We will enable you to hook up your video content in your own branded client in no time. You are up and running in weeks.

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