Company: NewsON

NewsON provides instant access to a nationwide lineup of local news video, including live broadcasts, time-shifted broadcasts, and short clips, available anytime, anywhere for free on iOS, Android and Roku. 

Where it all started

Back in 2014 a new venture formed by some of the largest local news TV station owners in the US wanted to bring their local newscasts to their audience. Their vision was that the only way to bring together all local news stations was in an OTT app. Because the new venture was formed to bring together the local news stations, the expertise to make an OTT app had to be found elsewhere.
Why Vinson
Being inspired by what the Vinson whitelabel solution offered NewsON found that was a great starting point for their new platform. With different apps already in the market showing the flexibility of Vinson; NewsON was convinced that the platform was able to perfectly suit their needs.
What we learned from the past is that every new client has it own specific challenges we have to tackle and in the end make our platform and product better. During the development of NewsON we quickly faced some new challenges.
Because we had to implement over 120 TV stations with various streaming infrastructures of all of the different partners there was a risk that we could not deliver the Vinson premium video experience to the end users. But even we are were surprised that our flexible backend was able to perfectly handle all the different streams while keeping the snappy video experience.
Also in the front end we had to make some adaptations to deliver an optimal experience for the specific NewsON end user. Our users must be able to easily pick relevant channels from an extensive nationwide lineup of local newscasts. So we made the app not only sort the channels by geo-location but also developed an unique channel map feature. Also NewsON was the first to use the new Vinson favorites feature. NewsON users can now quickly select their favorite channels on the map, mark them as favorite and always watch them in the blink of an eye.
Local news for everybody
With the launch of NewsON local news is now accessible to everybody in the US. Local news stations have the potential to reach a much larger audience now. The close collaboration between NewsON and Vinson made integration a breeze. Even while the teams worked from different timezones we were quickly able to tackle the challenges NewsON threw at us. We think the app looks great and NewsON really benefitted from our expertise and knowledge of OTT solutions. We believe NewsON will be a great success and are already working on some great features for the next update.




The NewsON app are available in the US appstores for iOS and Android.


Company: Stievie (VMMa)

With the Stievie app for iOS and Android, Vinson powers the unique joint effort by Belgium's public and private broadcasters VRT, VMMa and SBS Belgium to create a new and innovative television experience for Flemish viewers. Stievie enables users to watch more of the high quality Flemish television offering, on different screens and from anywhere with a WiFi or 3G connection. Or even offline, thanks to the latest recording feature.

Ten live TV channels - VTM, A, FOUR, Canvas, 2BE, FIVE, Vitaya, JIM and Ketnet/OP12 - are available in the highest quality up to seven days after its original broadcast. To watch and enjoy the best of television directly on a smartphone, tablet or any connected screen using Airplay, HDMI and soon Chromecast. Besides a rich TV guide to never miss a moment, Stievie enables viewers to discuss and share favorite moments directly with friends. Together with the intuitive and playful interface that has led to the introduction of the service as Swipe TV, Stievie has introduced a brand new television experience in Belgium.

Political impact

The initial trial with Stievie resulted in 70,000 downloads in the first two days alone. Stievie soon ranked #1 in the App Store and even stirred up a political debate in the Belgian parliament. The trial resulted in 98% of test users that expressed to be excited about the product, together with countless Tweets by satisfied users that highlighted the UI and overall performance. Stievie has been launched as a nation-wide paid service in December 2013 and is being used frequently by 20,000 users and counting.


Many companies can develop mobile video apps, but only a few companies in the world can deliver the experience that Stievie is. So we are delighted to partner with Vinson, and we look forward to innovate and grow together in this exciting new world of TV viewing.

Stephan Desmit, Team lead at Stievie

We just provided our brand assets and video content, and now have a technically outstanding app with a great design! Even with the amount of content and all of the interactive features, it remains performant, accessible and easy to use. It is a fantastic solution.

Wouter Mertens, New Media Architect at VMMa

It represents the future of TV! Being able to watch what and where you want, in great quality and with an amazing usability of the app. This solution enables us to provide an innovative service to our viewers.

Jan Bruyneel, Strategic Projects at VRT


Stievie is available for tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android.

N24 nexT

Company: N24 Media

Germany's largest independent TV production company N24 Media selected Vinson to provide a mobile experience for their premium content offering including the leading news channel N24. The dedicated smartphone and tablet app called N24 nexT has been released mid June 2013 and represented the next step in the expansion of the broadcaster's digital offering.

N24 nexT enables users to watch Germany's most popular news channel live and on-demand, as well as additional streams for (exclusive) news, documentaries and science magazines and features. The app also provides mobile access to the N24 online ‘Mediathek' with an extensive offering of video to enjoy on-demand in the best quality. N24 nexT comes with the remarkable intuitive navigation and integrated social features. With N24 nexT, Vinson powers a state-of-the-art mobile TV experience in Germany for the market leader among news channels. 

Five stars

Upon the release of N24 nexT, the app ranked #1 in the App Store (News) where it received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and ratings, of which 80% is in fact a five star rating. N24 nexT even received the highest appreciation by Apple, who highlighted the app as New and Noteworthy and selected it as one of their Top recommendations. Together with a praised Android version, the apps underscore how the new service resonates with its mobile audience. N24 nexT has been released June 2013.



The free N24 nexT app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini running iOS5 or iOS6 and Android Phone.

Kabelnoord TV

Company: Kabelnoord

Kabelnoord is a Dutch, regional cable operator that serves Frisian households with television, telephony and/or internet. The company teamed up with Vinson to add a multiscreen, mobile experience to its services: Kabelnoord TV. The app for smartphone and tablet provides over-the-top access to eleven premium TV channels that can be watched live and up untill a day after the original broadcast. 

Customers can download the Kabelnoord TV app from the App Store to watch live television on iPad and iPhone. The app initially provides the ten most popular Dutch channels, including those of NPO, RTL and SBS. Also the popular Frisian channel Omrop Fryslân is included. The rich TV guide provides a complete overview to directly select the best content, while the seamless integrations with Facebook and Twitter make Kabelnoord TV a social happening. Friends can easily discuss and share favorite TV moments directly from the app.

Free OTT service

The Kabelnoord TV application and the use of the OTT service is a free service, exclusively available for customers with an internet subscription by Kabelnoord. The app launched early  February 2014.


Kabelnoord TV is our first mobile service and we’re proud to offer such a modern live TV experience thanks to Vinson. The design, its interactive features and the technological ingenuity of the platform itself make it a great solution. For us, and certainly for our customers!

Niek Geelhoed, Managing Director at Kabelnoord


Kabelnoord TV is available for iPhone and iPad.

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