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We created Vinson back in 2008, being bored with the normal TV and video consumption. We had a lot of knowledge of building mobile TV eco systems because it was our core activity providing all its components, except for the user front-end. Luckily, Apple released the iPhone along with the SDK that allowed us to relatively easily build a user interface to showcase our technology. We combined the features that we had developed in-house, such as time shifting from live TV, together with a user interface that we believed to be stunning. Vinson was born!


Vinson reflects how we want to consume live television and video on demand content ourselves. It combines our vision and passion into one product, developed by vision rather than by committee. We are dedicated to provide the best user experience of mobile TV and make this available worldwide. With Vinson we have created an complete and accessible solution that includes:

  • great technology
  • next generation features
  • a stunning interface


We have put our heart and soul in it! As we create all the major components for Vinson by ourselves, we are able to improve the complete user experience. New features are created if we are convinced of the added value, if we like it. This justifies all the work and investments of development. Our vision, knowledge and craftmanship resulted in a product that resonates with both our customers and the end users.

Interested to know more? Download the Vinson app from the App Store or contact us. We hope to hear from you soon.

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